About Us

Magen Laboratories is a perfect Test Laboratory solution for Component Authentication and to protect yourself from counterfeit electronics components.
Our test and analysis capabilities were developed by an engineering staff with decades of semiconductor industry experience to provide cost effective and best test services as well as counterfeit detection procedures that Compliant to AS5553, AS6081 and ISO 17025 (AS6171) international standards.


We are able to test for Counterfeit Parts Avoidance Program, all kind of Electronics Semiconductors such as transistors, diodes, microelectronics and integrated circuits.


  • External Visual Inspection (under microscope):

Check for ESD protection

Package and Dimension Check

Device Markings

Pin Indicator Orientation

Lead Condition

BGA Inspection

Substrate Condition

  • Acetone Test (Destructive test)

Check for Blacktopped and Remarking

  • Heated Solvent Test  (Destructive test)

Check for secondary Coating and Remarking

  • Decapsulation Test (Destructive test)

Die confirmation and authentication

  • X-Ray inspection (Non destructive test)

Wire Bonding verification

Stucture Analysis

Die size comparison

Homogeneousness of the batch structure

  • XRF  (Non destructive test)

Checking pb or RohS status

  • Electrical Test (Non destructive test)

Pin correlation

Memory test

  • SolderAbility testing (Destructive test)

  • Vaccum / Dry packing

Detailed analysis report will be provided with parts tested.